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At North Road Service Center, we know that your plate heat exchanger is one of the most important components in your HVAC system, but we also know it’s prone to buildup. When a dirty heat exchanger starts to build up, it can reduce efficiency and slow down your operations. That is where our heat exchanger cleaning services come in! With our heat exchanger maintenance, you can get top-notch cleaning and regasketing to get those clogged tubes flowing again like they are brand-new. If you need help with heat exchanger repair or more generic cleaning services, contact our team today for a free quote!


What’s Included in Our Heat Exchanger Repair

When it comes to heat exchanger repair, maintenance, and cleaning, there is only one company in PA that can do it all, North Road Service Center. With our heat exchanger cleaning services and repairs, we make sure that your equipment is always in tip-top shape. Below you will see a step by step process of our heat exchanger repair and cleaning process:

  1. The process starts with recording the customer information, plate count, and gasket type of dirty plates received
  2. Removal of old gaskets
  3. Plates are pre-washed to remove loose debris
  4. Plates are dipped in a hot caustic bath to remove any oils
  5. Plates are removed from caustic and power washed
  6. Plates are dipped in a non-corrosive acid solution to remove any buildup and staining
  7. Plates are removed from the acid and power-washed again…
  8. Plates are then manually cleaned for any leftover stains or fouling.
  9. Old gasket adhesive is removed from the gasket groove.
  10. Plates are then coated with a dye penetrant and tested for cracks and/or holes
  11. Plates are then pressured washed again to remove dye penetrant
  12. Plates are inspected and new gaskets are installed (Adhesive bonded or clip-on)
  13. Gasketed plates are inspected and crated for shipment or delivery

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With the range of factors that can affect your heat exchanger’s performance, it is important to keep up with regular heat exchanger maintenance. We recommend having your heat exchanger maintained every six months or year depending on the environment, use, and industry requirements. Our heat exchanger reconditioning services include things like replacing certain parts, flushing out debris that could clog up over time, and cleaning. If you’re unsure what type of plate heat exchanger cleaning services your business needs, call North Road Service Center today to learn more!

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North Road Service Center is the leading provider of heat exchanger cleaning services and heat exchanger repairs in Central PA. We offer a wide variety of services like replacement plates and gaskets, new installation, maintenance, and even on-site services. Our technicians are certified in their respective fields, so you can trust that your heat exchanger maintenance will be completed correctly the first time. Don’t let those dirty old blades slow down your business; contact North Road Service Center today to get a free quote on our heat exchanger cleaning services!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Exchanger Services
Do heat exchangers require servicing?
Absolutely. Heat exchangers are critical components of your HVAC system, and regular servicing is essential for optimal performance. A lack of maintenance can lead to inefficiencies, reduced heat transfer rates, and even system failures. At North Road Service Center, we offer comprehensive heat exchanger services to ensure your system is always running at its best.
How often should heat exchangers be serviced?
The frequency of heat exchanger servicing can depend on various factors such as the environment, usage, and industry requirements. However, as a general guideline, we recommend servicing your heat exchanger at least once every six months to a year. Regular maintenance ensures that your system operates efficiently and extends its lifespan.
How long is the life span of a heat exchanger?
The lifespan of a heat exchanger can vary widely depending on its make, model, and operating conditions. However, with proper care and maintenance, a good quality heat exchanger can last up to 10-20 years. Regular servicing by certified technicians like those at North Road Service Center can even extend the operational life of your heat exchanger.
What are the common failures in heat exchangers?
Common failures in heat exchangers include corrosion, fouling, thermal fatigue, and mechanical failures like cracks or leaks. These issues can often be prevented or mitigated through regular maintenance services. North Road Service Center’s extensive heat exchanger services include inspections for such common issues and appropriate solutions to address them.
Are heat exchangers repairable?
Yes, most heat exchangers are repairable, especially if issues are caught early. At North Road Service Center, we offer repair services that include everything from gasket replacement to resolving mechanical failures. However, if the heat exchanger is too old or the damage too extensive, replacement might be a more cost-effective solution.
How do you clean and maintain a heat exchanger?
At North Road Service Center, our cleaning and maintenance process is meticulous. We start by recording customer information, plate count, and gasket type. Old gaskets are removed, and plates are pre-washed, dipped in a hot caustic bath, and power-washed. Further cleaning steps include an acid dip and manual cleaning. New gaskets are then installed, and the plates are crated for shipment or delivery.


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