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On-Site Service

Premier Plate Heat Exchanger Service

North Road Service Center offers On-Site Service when downtime is critical to your system

  • Our Highly Skilled Service Team will travel to your location, open your HX, powerwash plates on site, inspect plates and gaskets for any issues, close HX and line test if possible.
  • Depending on size this can be done in a few hours to a few days
  • If plates cannot be cleaned on site, we will remove plates and transport to our Pennsylvania location for service, return to your location with cleaned and re-gasketed plates, install in frame and tighten to proper dimension for a full turn key service!
  • We also offer complete exchange plate packs for little to no downtime! Please call or email for details.

New Construction/New Plate HX On-Site Assembly

New construction and new units too large to install whole?

We offer on-site / yard breakdown of new units and can reassemble in location once the frame is assembled on site.

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