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On-Site Plate Heat Exchanger Services

North Road Service Center offers On-Site Service when downtime is critical to your system. If your company is in need, our highly skilled service team will travel to your location, open your HX, powerwash plates on site, inspect plates and gaskets for any issues, close HX, and line test if possible. Depending on the size of the project this can be completed in a few hours to a few days. If plates cannot be cleaned on-site, we will remove plates and transport them to our Pennsylvania location for service, return to your location with cleaned and re-gasketed plates, install them in the frame and tighten them to the proper dimension for a full turnkey service!


We Are The Plate Heat Exchanger Company You Can Trust

With having over 40-years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted plate heat exchanger company throughout the nation. We take the time and care to properly handle, clean, inspect, and repair your plate heat exchanger to like new operating conditions, giving you peace of mind the job is done right…..the first time. If you cannot afford downtime, we also offer new or complete exchange plate packs, to get you back up and running in HOURS, not days, not weeks, HOURS.


We offer on-site service 24/7 – 365 days a year. EMERGENCY PHONE # CALL OR TEXT  (717)-919-7423

PHE On-Site Services We Offer

Do you have new constructions and units that are too large to install as a whole? We offer on-site and yard breakdown of new units. We also reassemble the frame on-site. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any of the following services:

-On-site inspection

-On-site cleaning

-On-site repair


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If you need on-site plate heat exchanger services, call North Road Service Center. We will work to get your heat exchanger parts in tip-top shape with little downtime. We provide you with efficient services to make sure your operations have quick turnover and you don’t miss a beat. If you need a company to come to your site, give us a call today!

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