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Heat Exchanger Plates & Gaskets

We have a massive inventory of plates and gaskets. We stock over 50,000 plates and 100,000 gaskets at our Pennsylvania facility for most makes and models to accommodate the needs of our customers. We offer immediate expedited shipping by request.


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We offer a full line of plates and gaskets for the following Makes and Models

P01, M3, M6, M6M, M10B, M10BW, M10M, M15B, M15M, M20M, M20M, MX25B, M30,
T5M, TL3B, TL6B, TS6M, TS20M, TL10B TL10P, T20B, T20P, T20M, P31, P32, P22, P26
A15B, AX30, AM10, AM20, MA30, MA30S, TL35B, TL35X, MK15BW, A15BW, and more!

UX05, UX01, UX10, UX20, UX40, UX80, GCP-026, GCP-051, GCP-060, GXD-12, GXD-18, GXD-26
GXD-042, GXD-051, GXD-060, GXD-085, GXD-100, GXD-145, UFX-12, UFX-18, UFX-26, UFX-42,
UFX-51, UFX-60, UFX-85, UFX-91, UFX-100, UFX-145, S3, S8, and more!

S4, S7, S14, S20, S21, S22, S47, S62, S86, S100, S130, and more!

VT10, VT20, VT40, VT40M, VT40P, VT80, VT80M, VT80P, NT50M, NT50T, NT50X, NT100T,
NT100M, NT100X, NT150L, NT150S, NT250L, NT250S and more!

AT40, AT40P, AT40M, AT805, AT80M, AT161 and more!

GP,  GPE Series

P-Series, PF- Series

Bell and Gossett